Wk3- Art Experience – Snapchat

Snapchat is probably one of my most used social media platforms. Personally, I use it to take pictures and videos of events that don’t happen that often and post it on my story. I am not a big fan of posting 200+ seconds stories every single day.

I feel, with the power of Snapchat, people can change everyday occurrences to convey a different message or something entirely different. For example, one portrait can be of some random guy with his head down, from there many captions could be derived. Except, with Snapchat, the artist or user can show their audience (their Snapchat friends) what they’re thinking with clever captions and the use of emojis.

As with the famous conversations mentioned on BeachArts.ca page, almost everyone who uses Snapchat can use this medium as a form of dialog. They can show everyday life or events, and even reply to someone using a form of a picture or video.

Below are snaps I took when I went to get a haircut and when I put my Lakers jacket on a small figure promoting the movie Zootopia at work. My snaps have shown the capabilities Snapchat has presented with geotags, enlarged emojis, and enlarged captions.


This is snap is from Aaron Dela Rosa showing the complexity of art work that can be done on Snapchat.


This snap is from Chris Williams showing the elegance of snapchat with the simplicity shown.




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