Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Dela Rosa

Classmate: Aaron Dela Rosa

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Aaron Dela Rosa is a first year Psychology major here at CSULB. Aaron and I were discussing the different mediums used in the art gallery. As Aaron and I were talking, I was able to grasp that he had a far better understanding of art than I do. He told me he took AP Art in high school and that enjoyed art. He even showed me some of his pieces.

Aaron had a similar outlook on the gallery. Aaron was saying how this reminded him of our week 2 discussion and activity for class. He said that the art was more than what was shown, it was what the individual thought. He said that death isn’t usually a topic brought up, but the artist was able to bring up the beauty of death by showing the beauty of life. One of Aaron’s favorite pieces is the piece on the floor, with all the roses. This classmate conversation gave me more insight as I got an opinion from someone else. Below is a piece Aaron created not too long ago.12669270_1334666159892574_1042068716_o



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