Wk5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, or Coifure

For this week for the art experience, I decided to do cuisine. Upon spending the whole week deciding what I was going to cook, I stumbled upon the idea to make an omelette. Usually, I would be getting my omelette from the Parkside Dining Hall at CSULB but this time I made my own. I started off with two eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, and vienna sausages. After letting the pan heat up, I cracked the two eggs and mixed it around. Once I started mixing around the yolk and the egg whites I dropped in some cheese. After that, I dropped in the vienna sausages on top of the cheese and eggs. Since the egg was cooking quickly, I flipped one side of the egg on to the other side to complete the omelette.

I never would have thought that art would include cuisine, couture, and coiffure. After making my omelette I realized how those three could be seen as art work. Making food at home or at a restaurant, the art can be in the taste and knowing what mixes well together. What can’t be looked over is the presentation of the food, one which I failed at. However, my omelette tasted decent. This showed me how art is not drawing on a canvas or paper but art is in almost everything, if not everything.



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