Wk6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

In this week’s art experience, I had the opportunity to go on a photo walk. First we started off in front of the Macintosh Humanities Building all the way on the top of upper campus, picture on the bottom left. Usually, the sculpture is part of a fountain but that has been drained. The beauty of the sculpture is still there. On our way to the next stop, I saw a bunch of different sights of campus. Right next to the sculpture was a patch of trees. That courtyard just shows the natural beauty of the campus, picture in the bottom middle. On our way to our next stop we went down the stairs in the middle of the bookstore and the Hall of Sciences building. Down the staircase I saw the tall white tower, top left picture. At the bottom of the staircase is the silver sculpture, bottom right picture. This showcases the different art pieces we have spread around campus. After that, we turned right and it was another patch of trees right by the University Student Union, top middle picture. We finally reached our stop at Brotman Hall to see the fountains. We were lucky enough to see ducks hanging around the fountain and eventually jumping in. The last stop was at the Japanese Gardens, not pictured because my phone died.

The photo walk was lead by Dorothy McMahon. I decided to focus not on the areas she was leading us to but at the sights and beauties of the campus on our way to the stops. She did a great job leading us to different sights of campus. Easily, I was able to see different views of campus I don’t normally see since most of my classes are in the Engineering buildings. The fountains on its own is a work of art, such as the one in front of the Macintosh building and Brotman Hall. This experience was enjoyable and I hope one day I’d be able to partake in another photowalk.



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