Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video

In this week’s art experience was the group video. My group was Aaron Dela Rosa, Natalie Guevara, and Chris Williams. Once we formed our group, we were contemplating making a music video or a doing a college problems video. After back and forth deliberation, we decided to make a college problems video. For my part, we were able to film it in my dorm room. Chris Williams was filming while I was doing the acting by laying down on my bed. Chris and I went back and forth with ideas of how to film and how to act this scene out. We filmed the scene by setting an alarm and me getting in bed. While I was laying there comfortably in my bed, Chris was filming different angles of me laying down. Of course once the alarm rang, I quickly ran out of my bed out of the door. The experience of doing this short part of the video was fun, even though there was little acting. The creative process was great and seeing the finished product is extremely satisfying. My group did a great job collaborating and compiling our efforts.




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