Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: @andreawilliammms


Andrea Williams is and undergraduate and is an undergraduate at CSULB. She is in her 20s and an undergraduate, expecting to graduate this semester. Along with the rigors of school she is also a mom. Originally, she was in to ceramics and was interested in playing drums. She did this as a teenager and she enjoyed her time playing drums. She misses doing performances but does not miss the business. As far as art goes, she explores different mediums.

In the exhibit, the medium was some sort of canvas and painting. Under the canvases, are small platforms with smaller art pieces there. The canvas itself was smooth and nice edges while the drawing itself was rigid and bumpy. The material used on the canvases look like pastel or another drawing material. The piece I will be analyzing is the one where theres a pregnant lady. I feel this is very reflective of her life experience, being her motivation to this piece.The drawing itself was fluid and aesthetically pleasing. The drawings took about a week each because of the slit dry and coloring. She mentions how difficult it was to do art while she was pregnant because of hazardous material.

Andrea Williams explores the concept of religion. Growing up Catholic, she was able to show the sacrifice women do, in the shape of religious imagery. In the usual Catholic/Christian images, there is Jesus being held in Mary’s arms after his crucifixion and Jesus on the cross. Instead of Jesus, there was a female. She said she enjoys revolving her theme around one topic.

Personally, I found this exhibit interesting. It was different in terms of the material the artist used. It was also different in the area it explored. I enjoyed the exhibit because if I were an artist, it would be a topic I would be scared to explore. I enjoyed the exhibit because it replaced Jesus with a female figure exploring the woman, woman’s body, and women rights. Overall this exhibit was great.



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