Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez is a first year at CSULB from Palmdale, studying Computer Science. He likes how in the field of Computer Science, that every code and program is tedious and at the end of the day  once the program is completed, the time is worth it. Sanchez, after noticing my Lakers jacket, tells me that he is not a Lakers fan and hates them, which I found hilarious. Anthony usually doing homework and studying because his field is tedious, as I would be able to relate to. After talking to Sanchez, we were comparing what classes we’re in since our majors are related, and we eventually found out we were in the same class, CECS 105. We also talked about how tedious our fields are. As far as the exhibit goes, he enjoys the religious aspect of the exhibit  and how it reflected how the artist was.

Website: https://anthonysanchezblog.wordpress.com



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