Wk8 -Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

The art experience for this week was something unlike anything else I have done. So when I was at work this weekend, I was looking for people who would be willing to work on my project with me. After struggling to find people, I turned to my friend. We waited until our work closed for the night before we could work on the project. Once we went on break, I got the sheet of paper out and placed it on the counter. As we started with the drawing, we didn’t know what to do, so we just let the pen guide us. I felt like this was a way, for the both of us, to let any frustration and any other emotion out. This experience was unlike traditional art classroom settings. Instead of having a goal in mind, the pen set the goal for you. Personally, I find not having or seeing an end to a task difficult, but the experience was awesome. I definitely would try this again.



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