Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy (Bri Joy)

Exhibition: Merge

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @bri.joy


Brianna Joy, known as Bri Joy in her art works and friends, is close to obtaining a BFA concentrating on printmaking. Bri Joy expects to graduate this semester. Throughout her high school and collegiate career, she has been working on printmaking. She said her experience in high school solidified her decision to go in to printmaking. Bri Joy is originally from Modjeska Canyon, a town with a population of just a thousand people. Her hobbies are reflective of her childhood in Modjeska Canyon. Her hobbies include surfing, hiking, snowboarding, and a lot of other outdoor activities.

In the exhibit, were a bunch of huge pieces of paper with her final product on it. The paper was similar to the regular copy paper we use but just a little more thin. The black lines were smooth and continuous throughout the whole paper. In most of the pieces, the black lines are the same width and pressure applied. In one of the pieces, the darkness of the black lines mattered. Each were hand printed, broken down to multiple sections. All of them showed similar artistic style. Aesthetically, the gallery was pleasing but that could only be attributed to the simplicity of the layout. The space between the pieces allowed each piece to soak up the whole surrounding area as its space. On a piece by piece basis, every single one was aesthetically pleasing. This exhibit was simple yet complex through the meaning.

Bri Joy wanted the pieces to be similar aesthetically and conceptually. The black and white features of each piece is what she strived for. Bri Joy also mentions the reasoning behind why she does not have a website. The reasoning is that she does not want to build a negative reputation online. Potential buyers will contact her to purchase a piece that she does not want to sell. Instead of making a website for her portfolio, she wants to make a website to make money, potentially looking in to making an etsy account to market her works. Her dedication was something unnoticed, as she invested her own money for the materials for the paper because it had to be shipped to her in a roll of paper around 10 yards long.

Personally, this exhibit captured my attention mainly because of its simplicity. I have never seen this form of art work and that was aesthetically appealing. I enjoyed looking at each individual piece and texture. The openness of interpretation of each piece was most appealing to me. This was one of my favorite exhibits this semester.




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