Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – John Stouras

John Stouras is a first year at film major at CSULB, originally from the Bay Area. When I was talking to him, he chose to come down to the Greater Los Angeles area because he wanted to experience the culture down here. Personally, coming from here I can see the major differences in culture from NorCal and SoCal. After much talk, we were comparing the two different lifestyles and what he likes about Los Angeles. The vibe and pace of the city was appealing to John. Since he was from the Bay Area, I asked him if he was in to basketball, and he said his team is the Warriors. Naturally, I decided to joke with him about my team, the Lakers, destroying the league-best Warriors. We found ourself some common ground. This classmate conversation was one of the most enjoyable ones.




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