Wk9 – Art Experience – J

It is 2046, much has happened in the last three decades. There has been Moon colonization and Mars colonization due to the Earth being destroyed. Thankfully, J was part of the Earth evacuation as part of being in a group of high intelligence. Upon evacuation, J and other sought after engineers were brought to the Moon, there Moonbase Alpha was established. Multiple Moonbases were set up named: Moonbase Beta, Moonbase Charlie, and Moonbase Delta. Those three Moonbases formed an alliance, known as the BCD Allies, and were hostile towards Alpha. The BCD Allies were not the only threat to Alpha because out there in space existed Marsbase.

J and his team would develop all this technology ranging from laser beams to a force field defending Alpha. Obviously, Alpha was more technologically advanced than the BCD allies making them look like they were stuck in WWII era technology. With no forewarning, the BCD allies attacked Alpha. J and his team started to get ready for war. Their advanced weapon technology was taken out and their army was set out. As the BCD allies were able to disable the force field protecting Alpha (because an insider disabled it), they attacked with all their might. J and his team of engineers ran after their fighter spaceships. Easily, using their mathematical and technological advancements they were able to wipe out the BCD allies. As the Alpha team was able to defend the home turf, they went over to Beta, Charlie, and Delta and take over their Moonbases. Alpha absorbed the other Moonbases as part of their area. One last task was to take over Marsbase. J and his team had a difficult time since it was far away. After a few years of developing more technology, J and his team surrounded Mars with multiple fleets of spaceships. And out of nowhere, Mars surrendered. J returned with the rest of the fleet to Moonbase Alpha where they were declared heroes.

Links to other classmates:

Alex Lucero: Cosmo

Enrique Vega: Lord Disick

Leslie Echiveste: Sally Snowflake



Picture of J:




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