Wk11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

For this week, the art experience was unlike any other typical art activity we have done this semester. This art experience made us go back and forth from a location on campus and back to the grass. This experience made me think about what was sent to us via email regarding our art experience for the week. Our world is changing before our eyes yet it is such a slow change and one day we will realize what we used to know is no longer our reality.

Words and pictures can capture an experience. However, those two, separately cannot capture the experience in its entirety. Also, both entities combined together cannot fully capture the experience. Words can show feeling and emotion and pictures can show the visual aspect of the description. Together that still cannot bring another person in to that experience. The way words put together are or the way a picture is taken, can portray emotions and put the onlooker in the place of the person that was actually there. I believe the best way to tell a person what is going on is by storytelling. Instead of writing about it or showing pictures, word of mouth is perhaps the best  route to go. It shows emotion and the storyteller will be able to put the listener in their place.

The act of trying to document an experience takes a person out of the experience. For example, I went to a Lakers game a few weeks back. I decided to try getting pictures when there was a pre-game introduction for the Lakers. Amazed by the presentation, I decided to pull out my phone and take videos and pictures of the moment. I wish I did not do that because I would much rather live that moment. If I didn’t capture those moments, I would have to remember it by memory. But because I did capture the moment, I would have a fallback reference on my phone to the moment.

My experience of not taking pictures in the library were different than taking pictures in the bookstore. I believe I am able to retain the experience much more if I do not take pictures compared to retaining the experience while taking pictures. I remember my time in the library more than my time in the bookstore. My experience of this activity was eye-opening because I was able to realize how I can retain life experiences. I would rather remember the experience than take pictures and only remember it by looking at the picture. I enjoyed the experience.





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