Wk12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

Finding the location of a cache was difficult, similar to a scavenger hunt. Personally, not being a big fan of looking for something, such as games hide and go seek. However, I did have some fun in looking for the cache. I scrolled down on the app store and looked for a geocaching app that has a cache near my area. Luckily, I found a cache in my local park. It wasn’t too bad looking for it but I can see how it can be a tedious process for other caches. However, placing my cache was not too difficult. I decided to hide it in a parking structure of a mall. I think finding my cache would be difficult though. The coordinates for my cache:

34.1429332, -118.2570666

N34° 8.576′, W118° 15.424′

When walking past a certain area, a person who does not participate in geocaching will not be able to know what happened here or what is here. However, a person who does participate will know there is something hidden here. I feel like when something is not recorded, as in geotagging a place on social media, then that moment is easily forgotten. Same goes for history, if it is not documented or passed down then that moment is also easily forgotten. I feel like the use of GPS capable devices enhances our connection with others, the location, and ourselves. However, the need for GPS capable devices is not necessarily tied to the want of being connected with others. Even with GPS capable devices, we still will be disconnected from what has happened there.


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