Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Chelsea Blecha

Artist: Chelsea Blecha

Exhibit: Mixed Aesthetic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov

Webiste: www.chelseablecha.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chelseablecha


Chelsea Blecha is a senior at CSULB grading Spring 2016 and is obtaining her BFA in Illustration. She has been at CSULB for six years and enjoyed her time here. She had high praise for the Illustration faculty and Illustration students. The moment for Blecha is bittersweet. As far as her career plans, she is going to freelance and hopefully land a job with Pixar.

In this exhibit, I will be examining the layout of her pieces and then two pieces. First, the layout itself is a work of art. It allows each piece to compliment each other. The way the frames are placed, as it is not a perfect square fits perfectly. The way the skateboard fit in in the middle of frames was seamless. This leads in to the first piece I will be talking about, the skateboard. The skateboard appears to be a plain wooden board. The drawing itself appears three dimensional, thus giving it the popping out effect. Due to the shadows and different hues of the same color, it bolsters the three dimensional effect. The second piece I will be examining is my favorite piece from this exhibit, the one with all the different sketches of architecture and landscapes. Each part of the piece has its own unique qualities. All of them are rigid and straight in the lines, a representation of the pieces being drawn. The detail in each piece is amazing, while each curve gives it that popping out effect.

Blecha’s inspiration on becoming an artist comes from her mom, while her inspiration on her pieces comes from traveling a lot, with a focus on San Francisco. The meaning behind her work is emotion and not necessarily aesthetic. For example, her skateboard piece was inspired because she had a skateboard that was plain when she was younger and had an intent of painting it but never got around to it. Her other pieces are based on her friends and family.While her inspirations and meaning are set, her style is still being developed.

Personally, this exhibit was one of my favorites this semester. I believe its because of the simplicity of each piece. Though each piece was simple and not popping out, they were complex. My favorite piece was the one with the different architecture and landscape throughout San Francisco. That might have been my favorite pice this whole semester, because of how I enjoy architecture and the city of San Francisco.


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